Direct Access

The Direct Access Course is Available to those aged 24 years or older. If the Motorcycle Test is taken on a Motorcycle over 600cc then NO restrictions apply to the licence.

Learn more than ‘how to pass your test’.
We aim to achieve a much higher than test standard outcome from our training, giving you the essential skills needed to ride safely and enjoyably for life. We believe the best way to learn, is to have fun and really enjoy new skills.

We use Yamaha XJ6 Diversion’s and Suzuki Gladius’ for our Direct Access training. They are a perfect starter bikes to learn on. Easy to ride and handle, without the worry of being too powerful or heavy.

Whilst doing road training, our student to Instructor ratio is a maximum of 2:1.

Direct Access Training Course prices:

3 Day Training Course £495.00
4 Day Training Course £660.00
5 Day Training Course £825.00

These prices include bike hire and equipment. They do not include the theory and practical bike test fees.  
Please note, training prices for our Worcester centre may differ.

Additional costs to consider

The bike theory test is £23 and needs to be completed before the Direct Access practical bike test can be booked. The practical bike test is broken into two parts:

Module 1 - £15.50

Module 2 - £75.00

The courses will be timed to immediately preceed your practical test.

Depending on the time of your practical tests, you may be required to book an additional half day on the day of your test.  This would cost an additional £85.00.


Should you be unlucky enough to fail either your Module 1 or Module 2 test with us, you will have the option to book another test with us. 
You can choose from the following options:

* Meet directly at test centre - £60 (& test fee)
* Half day of tuition - £85 (& test fee)
* Full day of tuition - £160 (& test fee)

To book a Restricted Access Course you can either click here, or call our friendly team on: 0121 472 6336
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